Equipment Suggestions

HI all, after chatting last night with other ambassadors we felt it might be useful, especially to new members to have a thread where we can discuss equipment, get recommendations, deals and advice.

I for one would have really appreciated that when I started remote learning.

As a starter, I’ll share my greatest purchase. I looked at green screens on Amazon and could easily have spent $80-$100 but a deeper search turned up a 9ft x 4.5ft green plastic tablecloth that cost me $1. []

Please share your best purchases, recommendations and any deals you spot here. Thanks

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I own a Lume Cube for video conferencing. It’s not cheap (anywhere from $50-$100ish), but for my personal home office needs, it’s pretty sweet. I had a discount/referral code via Kim Mattina.


I use a Blue Snowball USB mic. The audio is SO MUCH better than using the internal mic on my laptop or Chromebook and it’s not crazy-expensive.


I’m about to record some cooking videos with a friend of mine (he’s a vegan chef!) and I’m wondering if you’ve seen affordable options that work with DSLRs and iPhone. Ideally they’d be wireless.